Thursday, 31 October 2013

Quick update on the skull studs!

Hello - no new manicure to post today as I've been feeling really sick! I just wanted to post a quick update on the skull studs I wore on my nails yesterday. They looked fab, but the sticky-outy parts kept getting stuck in my jumper, pocket, gloves etc, and I think one eventually pinged off near the end of the evening when I was getting some money out of my purse! They did last about 3 hours though and were only stuck on with topcoat, so I was quite impressed. Here's me modeling them:

This is where we went last night - to see Illuminating York, where they light up various buildings and monuments in our city with cool patterns, and accompany it with music/storytelling. It's fab and atmospheric and I just had to share a few pics:

Also, today I got my two Indy's Indies minis in the post that I bought earlier in the week! Very excited to try them out, but they're both quite bright so I'm going to have to wait until I have some more days off, which isn't for a week - booo! I had a quick play with them over the black, and they both look fab, but I'll save posting about them until I've done a full proper mani with both.

Here's my nails for work tomorrow, I used Sweetie Belle by Nail Lacquer UK again. I love this polish, and I think it's subtle enough for work, but still really delicate and pretty.


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