Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Tartan Attempt


Some art using the Barry M nail art pens today... not played with these for a while! My black had gone all gunky and I was going to get a new one, until my friend Jenny gave me hers as she'd not used it much. I wanted to try tartan, and had a look at a good few designs on google before I started. I already had my base colour of Utopia from yesterday, and picked a dark and light pink to use in the design, to make it a bit different from the traditional red. Using the two pink polishes and the black and white nail art pens, I came up with this!

A few people have told me it looks a bit like Burberry, which I wasn't going for. I kind of like it, but am annoyed that I made the dark pink lines too thin on my fingers - I prefer the way it looks on my thumb. Ah well, it was fun to do, and I did it in little bits in between announcing trains today, which gave each bit a good chance to dry before I added the next bit of detail. It's all topped off with a topcoat to keep it sealed in!

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  1. I reallu like the colours you've mixed here!


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