Sunday, 27 October 2013

Hell'o'ween - Nail Lacquer UK


Here's my third halloween manicure of the week. It doesn't fit with the theme for today, but I still love it!

I bought Hell'o'ween from AJ's etsy shop, Nail Lacquer UK along with a few others, which I've already posted about. I've been saving this one until close to halloween to use. I spent a while choosing which one I wanted from her beautiful halloween collection and in the end settled on this - it's a beautiful mix of different sized, shimmery pastel glitter, and little pink skull shapes - sooo cute!

I've been thinking for a while what colour to use as a base, and I tried out a few different combinations. Black was too dark, and Barry M's Greenberry meant that the green glitters were lost. I liked how it looked over nude, and over pale green, so I took an idea from Penny Pinching Polish and used a gradient with these two colours as a base. This is Models Own Utopia and W7s Spearmint, and I used a sponge to create the gradient. Here it is on it's own - I used a topcoat on my ring finger but the rest are still a bit bumpy!

I then added two coats of Hell'o'ween. The glitters came out really easily, but the skulls took a bit of fishing, and then it was a bit tricky to get them facing the right way up! There was a bit of an uneven finish due to my 'prodding' of the glitter etc, so I used two coats of Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri to smooth everything out.

On my ring ringer I used the pink and white Barry M nail-art pens to draw a pink skull to match the skull shapes, and then dotted on some glitter from Hell'o'ween. This was also topcoated.

What do you think? I really like the outcome - I love the little flashes of bright pink from the skulls, yet I think this polish is pretty and pastel enough to use all year round, not just at halloween, which is fab! Like all Nail Lacquer UK polishes, this was so unusual and I loved applying it and I'm loving having it on my nails. Also, the charm on this one is FAB, I loooove skulls at the moment :-D


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