Friday, 18 October 2013

Brony Me: Nail Lacquer UK


I wasn't going to change my nails today because they were still looking lush, but I've had a day off with not much to do and I couldn't resist as I still had untried bottles of Nail Lacquer UK to play with! So this is Brony Me, a beautiful glitter topper that really pops! I was drawn to this in AJ's Etsy shop straight away because of the colours - I adore pink and turquoise, and mixed in with the yellow, black and white it looked amazing! Also, I loved the different sized pieces, and it seemed really dense - full of pieces, not loads of base and hardly any glitter.

I wasn't sure what colour to layer this over, as it already featured most of my favourite colours. I decided to use all 5 of the colours it contained, to see what looked best so I know what to use in future applications. These are all the colours I used:

Hot Pink by No7, Guava gelly by Barry M, Lavender Cloud by Sally Hansen, Limited Edition Yellow by Barry M, BK matte black (the only black I have, I didn't pick matte for any other reason!)

I used two coats of each of these in a different order on each hand. I then began to apply Brony Me - and got a fab surprise... I'd forgotten about the awesome black hearts in it! I of course saw the swatch on Etsy when I bought the polish and loved the hearts, but when I received it you can't really see them in the bottle as they're mixed up with everything else and I completely forgot they were there. But when I started to apply this, they came out lots, and really easily - no 'fishing' required! I applied a couple of coats on each nail, trying to evenly distribute the pieces of glitter, which wasn't too difficult at all but did require a little bit of prodding, which I expected. 

And I looooove it! I can't even decide which colour it looks best over. I adore the turquoise, yellow and pink against the black base, but then of course you lose the lovely, unusual black hearts, so I think it looks best over the white (although over the white you don't see the little white shards)...what do you guys think looks best under this beauty, or would look good?

Left Hand:

Right hand:

I still have a Nail Lacquer Halloween polish to try, with fab little pink skull shapes in it - very excited to play with that and see how it looks - just gotta decide on a base colour, and I'll be applying it a little nearer to Halloween. 

You can buy Nail Lacquer UK polishes here. Go!


  1. Wow love this, makes a change from glitter! The colour scheme kind of reminds me of the Children In Need theme, plus if you had a red nail :)

  2. I love all the different colors and shapes of glitters -- it looks like such a fun polish! I love it over yellow :)


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