Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Blinged up Mocha

Hello again...

I've updated my nails since my last post and thought I'd share a few pics. I did like the smooth, matte finish of Barry M's Mocha, but as I predicted, I kept marking it when I knocked my nails into things and it soon lost it's 'perfect' sheen. Also, a lot of people at work commented on how plain my nails were... so I went ahead and added some stuff to make them a bit less so. 

First I added some gold studs from my Born Pretty stud wheel (that seems to last forever! so many studs - love it! <3 ) and a shiny topcoat to each nail. I blatantly stole this idea for an accent nail from this mani by Naileymabob - totally loved the placement of the studs and I've wanted to copy for a while!

Loving the accent nail but not satisfied with the boringness of the others, I then added a gold glitter gradient to the rest of the nails, and more topcoat. Shiny!!

Still not sure about the colour of this polish, and whether I prefer it with or without topcoat. I definitely prefer my blinged up version though :-) x

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