Friday, 25 October 2013

Halloween Nail Art Challenge - Trick Or Treat

I love Halloween and really wanted to get involved with some halloween nail-art in the week leading up to it, so I've decided to take part in a challenge, suggested on the British Nail Bloggers FB page. We can dip in and out of this when we want, which is good as I'm working every day this week so my nails can't be too extreme, which is a shame because I was looking forward to doodling skulls etc all over my nails! Will have to try and think how I can keep up with the challenge yet keep my nails subtle-ish.

Here's my nails for day 1: Trick Or Treat. I've cheated a bit for 2 reasons - one because I've used my mani from yesterday as a base, and 2 because it's not really specifically "trick or treat"!! Could I be cheating much more!? I wanted to draw sweets over the top, but I tried and it didn't look like a sweet! :-( So I decorated my nails with pics of things we used to hang up at the door to scare trick-or-treaters - spiders and cobwebs! I also added some more glitter (Turquoise is Not Dead - Nail Lacquer UK) to add more green/black into the mix. I used the Barry M nail art pens for the doodles.

  Here's the prompts for each day (credit to Kerrie) - hopefully I can do at least some of them, and anyone feel free to join in :-)



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