Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Variations on Pink!

 Hello again...

Two days off work, which can only mean bright crazy nails! I had a few things I wanted to do/use/try, so I just decided to throw them all together. Here's everything I used...

So firstly, I wanted to try out Dragon Fruit by Barry M. This is another polish that Jenny lent me, and one that I surprisingly don't own! I have all the other shades of pink from the gelly collection, but not this one. It didn't disappoint - so shiny and a gorgeous colour!

Then I picked up my three new(ish) Nail Lacquer UK polishes again. I had to use these again as they look so beautiful in the bottles! I've used Turquoise is Not Dead to create a gradient on my middle finger, Sweetie Belle on my little finger and My Mint Nails on my thumb. 

I really wanted to try my Sally Hansen Gem Crush polish (Big Money) out again. I bought this quite a while ago as I loved the dense combo of pink and gold glitter. I used it once as a full mani but remember that it flaked off quite quickly. I think this was before I religiously used a base and top coat though, so wanted to try it again, especially now other brands are bringing out similar textured glitters. It still looks fab!

Lastly, I used some more of my neon born pretty studs (although I think the pastel ones would have looked better - I have bought some but waiting for them to arrive!) on my ring finger. 

All in all, a bit of a mish-mash and I don't necessarily think they match or are in the right order, but it was fun! x


  1. I love this crazy look! My favorite nail is the one with studs, but I'm loving the glitter gradient as well :) Even though it seems like these designs wouldn't go well together, they're kind of tied together by the pink, and so the overall effect is very fun!

    1. Thankyou! Those two nails were my favourite too, I ended up taking off the polish on all the other fingers and replacing them with plain pink, having the studs and the gradient as two accent nails :-)


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