Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Matchy Matchy Skull Studs

Hello! Here are my nails today, done to match my phone case. I love bling, studs and skulls on things at the moment, so this manicure combines all of that. I've had this idea for a while for my nails - well - since I got the phone case a few weeks ago. I went online for a search for small skull studs, but couldn't find any at all in a similar shape to the ones on the phone. 

In the end after an EPIC search on Born Pretty - none came up when I searched for 'studs' or for 'skulls' or any other combo, but I was sure they would sell them and in the end found them under 'rhinestones' - whyyyy - but it didn't matter because I found them :-D They weren't exactly how I wanted, both kinds offered had 'crossbones' with the skulls! But they were very cheap, so I ordered one packet of each kind in gold. They were delivered quite quickly for Born Pretty, and I received them the other day. 

Here they are - they are similar, and quite large. Because of this I decided to just use one on each hand, on my largest nail. I started with two coats of black on all my nails, then stuck the skulls and studs into wet nail varnish. On my little finger, I added another topcoat to keep the studs on but I couldn't really do this for the skull as it was so big, so just hoping it stays on, at least for this evening because I'm going out!

On my thumb, I used a gold polish before topping it with a black crackle, just to mix things up a bit. :-)

Annoyingly, a few days ago I stumbled across these skull studs on She Sells Seashells. Damn it, these would have been so much better for the design - much more similar to the ones on the phone - AND they're only £1, but I resisted getting them because I think with my Born Pretty purchases I have enough skull studs to last me for a good while yet!

Also, I've ordered a few lots of indie polish (baaad - someone make me stop spending all my money!) and I was so sure they'd come today, but they didn't :-( Stupid Royal Mail- really hope they come tomorrow as I have a day off and want to play with them!

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