Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Foxes and Badgers


Myself and my colleague Jenny were talking recently about how we love trying out new polishes, and decided a cheap way to do this easily would be to have a little swap! We brought some of our nice/interesting polishes into work, and picked which ones we'd like to try. Jenny borrowed my matte black and matte brown (Barry M mocha) and created this cute little fox design - how awesome?!

I tried to recreate later with Model's Own Pinky Brown and a dark red Barry M I borrowed from Jenny... and it didn't go so well! The dark red I used for the fox was almost black which meant you can't really see his eyes, and people said he looked more like a badger! Oh dear! I also tried making his eyes white but he looked a bit creepy that way...



  1. These are super cute!! I'll have to give them ago myself. Thanks for posting :)

    Jennie x

    1. Thankyou! It's reasonably simple to do, although Jenny did better than me :-)

  2. this idea is so foxy! love it! very cute idea <3


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