Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Pink Holo Halloween!

Hello! Some more halloween(ish) nail art today. This beautiful polish is a holo I bought the other week from Born Pretty along with some other bits and pieces - it was really cheap (can't remember the exact price) and looked beautiful so I thought I'd go for it, and I wasn't disappointed! I know it's not really a halloween colour, but I do love pink.

I first applied three coats of this on bare nails, and under bright light it looked like this:

Fab, right? Look at all those colours! But you can still see my nail-line underneath. So I then had a play around, my first idea was to add an accent nail with silver holo, but I somehow ended up painting them all with the silver, then again with the pink, which solved the problem of the visible nail line as the silver I have (by Seventeen at Boots) is less sheer. I think I could have used any colour underneath to make sure it wasn't see-through, but there we go.

Before I added the pink on the top of the silver, I doodled some halloween designs on two of my fingers with the Barry M nail art pen. I then added the pink to make the designs shimmery. Soooo pretty!

As I mentioned, this polish is available from Born Pretty for a couple of quid and there were a few different colours to choose from! 


  1. beautiful, love it over the silver - just gorgeous!

    1. Thankyouuuu, I think the silver definitely improved it! Xx


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