Friday, 11 October 2013

Shimmery pink


Pink nails again can never have enough pink :-)

I bought one of Barry M's new textured glitter collection last week, because they're new and I couldn't not buy one. I picked Lady, the white/pearly coloured one. I did try it out on the day I bought it, but I was a little disappointed that after three coats you could still see through it a bit. I decided it needed a base coat, and the other day I tried it over pink. I liked how it looked so have done a full manicure with it over pink, which is quite subtle(ish) for work.

The pink is Dragon Fruit (Barry M gelly polish) that I loooove - why don't I own this? Borrowed it from my friend Jenny for the week! And it's only one coat of Lady.

I reckon it'd look fab with a white base too, more pearly, I'm going to try that as well. I love how sparkly this polish is!

I added some studs because I love studs and they should be included wherever possible :-D These are from the neon wheel from Born Pretty, I've also ordered the pastel colours. Looove! I would love to have added more studs (different colours?) in a pattern onto an accent nail, but I decided against it because of work (booooring)

Also, before I added these pink studs, I tried adding a pink plastic bow that I got as a gift with my Nail Lacquer UK purchases. I loved how it looked but I thought it'd come off really easily at work - will save it for when I'm off! 


  1. That looks so pretty and I love the little bow!

  2. Very pretty combo! love it over the pink :D

  3. Very pretty! That's a good idea - to use it over a base colour.

  4. So pretty! I haven't tried any of the textured polishes yet, might put some on my Christmas list x


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