Thursday, 24 October 2013

For the twill of it, rainbowed

Last week, I was putting on my new boots when I discovered a bottle of beautiful Essie inside one of them! After a minute of utter confusion - do I own this and I forgot?! Did I accidentally shoplift it?! Did I steal it from a friend?! I knew I couldn't already own it because I can't afford to buy Essie, haha. Seeing my confused face, my boyfriend then tells me he saw it featured in the newspaper in the week, in a piece about new Autumn polishes, and had bought it for me, and hidden it in my boot as a surprise - strange but AWESOME :-D I felt special. 

Anyway, the polish he bought me is For The Twill Of It, a kind of duochrome metallic polish... in the bottle it appears to go from green to purple. Beautiful! I tried it out last night, and actually forgot to take pics before adding glitter! But I thought it looked ... different from in the bottle - much more subtle. It was also quite brush-stroke-y.... not as smooth as I expected. It was very metallic-looking, kind of a gunmetal shade unless in certain light. 

I decided to top it with something, and reached for I Will Rainbow On You by Nail Lacquer UK. I think this pretty, colourful, packed glitter will go with almost everything due to the fab mix of colours, and I think it really brightened up the base, and you can still catch glimpses of the purple/green shimmer under the glitter. I think it looks quite interesting! Here's a few pics in different lights as I struggled to capture the true shade/shimmer of this!

What do you guys think? :-) 


  1. Pienso que me ha encantado el resultado, muy bonito

  2. very very very pretty colours!! and I love the glitter :D

  3. This is my least favourite from the Autumn range, but you've inspired me to give it another go with a glitter top coat!


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