Friday, 1 November 2013

Nelly Polish Grab Bag!

Hello again!

Today I received my Nelly polish grab bag. Hilary who makes Nelly Polish had a load of samples and she offered them on Facebook for £6 - you got 4 random mini polishes for this price, which I thought was a fab deal! They were waiting for me when I got home from work this afternoon, and make me very happy to have them, especially since I got my two Indy's Indies purchases yesterday. So now I have a beautiful handful of Indie polishes to try - woohoo! 

Here they are - the four Nelly's on the left and the two Indy's on the right. I'm desperate to try out the two Indy's Indies, but they're soooo full of colour I'll have to wait until my weekend off next weekend. But that's something to look forward to. I love the selection of Nelly polishes - getting 4 random ones is such a good idea because they're not necessarily what I would choose, but I actually think they're all stunning. I'm saving the orange one for bonfire night!

So out of my Nelly polishes, I picked the palest one (second from left) to apply because, as I keep saying, I need it to be neutral-ish so I don't get told off at work. I started with two coats of Models Own's Utopia, as the polish on it's own was quite sheer. I then added two coats of this Nelly polish. As these are samples I don't think they have names, but I'd call it something like Peppercorn or hot pepper or something....because the tiny black flecks really look like pepper! I think they really make the polish interesting and unusual. There's also small orange (and gold?) glitter, along with larger red and orange glitters. Such a beautiful mix!

I added two coats of Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri as this polish dries with quite a matte finish, which looked good but I wanted to add some shine, and also protect the polish from marks/chips. As this is a sample, this exact colour isn't listed in Hilary's Etsy shop, but you can buy other Nelly polishes here, either made up or 'dried' for you to make yourself! One I really like the look of is 'Gumpas' which is quite a similar shade to the one I've swatched here, but there are some other fab ones too. Go and have a look!

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