Friday, 22 November 2013

Ten Favourite Polishes


Today I'm taking part in a bloggers' link-up, and we're all posting about our top 10 polishes. Like everyone else, I've found this quite difficult! I have loooads of polishes I love for different reasons - ones that are good as base coats, ones that are glitter or texture, bright colours, plain colours, holographic, indie, etc etc. They're all fab for different manicures.

So for my top ten, I tried to pick one or two from each 'type' of polish I love. They're also my favourite polishes at the moment. Next month they'd probably be different again!
Here they are...

 Left to right,
Nail Envy by OPI
Insta-Dri by Sally Hansen
Passion Fruit &
Greenberry by Barry M
Sweetie Belle &
I Will Rainbow On You by Nail Lacquer UK
Charm Bracelet by Seventeen
Dorian Grey by Sally Hansen
Utopia by Models Own
Cinerella by Sinful Colors.

Here's a more detailed break-down of why I picked these, two polishes at a time.

Nail Envy (OPI) & Insta-Dri (Sally Hansen)
I had to pick these, because I use them in every manicure I do and I think they really improve the look of my nails. I use Nail Envy as a base coat, to prevent staining, and to try and keep my nails strong. I use Insta-Dri as a topcoat. This is about my 5th bottle- I love it! It dries so quickly which is fab for me cos I am so clumsy and usually smudge my designs straight away. It also gives a beautiful shine, which makes a lot of people think my nails are either falsies or professionally done!

Greenberry & Passion Fruit (Barry M)
These two polishes were kind of picked to represent the whole Barry M gelly polish range. They are all fab colours, especially the newer, brighter ones, and I have lots! They're so vibrant, and fab for a full manicure or for nail art. These are my favourite two colours, but I use all of them lots depending on what designs I am doing. Here they are in a few past manicures:

Next we have:

Sweetie Belle & I Will Rainbow On You by Nail Lacquer UK
These two polishes were the first indie (handmade) polishes I bought, and I'm totally hooked! AJ creates Nail Lacquer UK polishes and they're all SO pretty. It was hard to choose just two to feature here, but I eventually settled with Sweetie Belle due to the different shades of delicate pink, which is my favourite colour, and I Will Rainbow On You, an amazing multi-coloured glitter. I don't know what it is that makes it so special, but I adore the mix of glitters. Here they are on my fingers looking beautiful:

And then...

 Dorien Grey by Sally Hansen & Utopia by Models Own
Firstly, sorry about the state of these bottles! Shows they're well-used though! These are my current favourite nude/neutral shades. Firstly, Dorien Grey (pound shop buy!!!) is a beautiful creamy pale grey. It applies beautifully, helped with Sally Hansen's big fat brush. I've used it as a base in loads of manicures. I love it. Next, there's Utopia, a beautiful pale nude. It's overtaken Barry M's Lychee as my go-to nude shade for plain nails or as a base for other things. Utopia is a recent buy, but I adore it. Here they are in action:

Finally we have ...

Cinderella by Sinful Colors and Charm Bracelet by Seventeen
I picked Cinderella because I've recently bought it, it's a beautiful pale blue with a shimmer and I've used it a lot recently as a base for stuff. It does need white underneath it though I find. I'm already regretting picking this for the top 10 as I'm not sure it deserves to be here, but it is pretty!
Charm Bracelet is my favourite textured polish ever! I didn't like the pastel textured polishes that were out over summer, but glittery texture is fab. This gold is just SO deep and sparkly. Everyone should have it! Pics:

So that's my 10! I actually store my polish in three boxes, two are just random and stored down the side of the sofa, but one box lives under my coffee table and stores all my current favourites/most used. This changes regularly as I buy new polishes and my preferences change. This is my 'favourites' box at the moment - lots of Barry M Gelly and Models Own. The two on the top are brand new purchases - I'm actually wearing the Kiko polish today and looove it - I think that should have made it into the top 10 but I already sorted these photographs yesterday, haha. The Maybelline Brocades looks lush too, still got to try that out.

There's no Indies in here, because they are special and beautiful and get to live on my hearth so I can see them. These are all so pretty and individual <3

So there we go - 10 favourites and a few additional pretties that were too nice not to be photographed!


  1. I loveeeeeee the manicures you've done with all the colours you have chosen!! Absolutely stunning! Yaaaaay!! We have the same favorite :D xxx

  2. Great post, love the seventeen rock hard. Got to look for these now lol :) x

  3. Love the greenberry and studs french tips theyre gorgeous! I picked some Barry M's too and chose a similar rainbow indie to you :) x

  4. I love your collection of Indies!

  5. Loved reading this- yay for UK Indies. OPI and Barrym Gellys are super popular with us all it would seem :D

  6. *ahem* You're missing your Lac Attacks on your Indie Hearth!

  7. I NEED greenberry now! Fab collection :D

  8. I love your colours but I *really* love your gems - where do you get those gorgeous little circles from?

    1. I think they're all from Born Pretty from various mixed stud wheels - I have coloured ones and black/silver/gold mix. They're so fab to use to jazz up your nails and v cheap too!


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