Thursday, 28 November 2013

B&W French, and new pretties from Nails Inspire!


I don't really know what these nails are or what I wanted to do! Last night after trying a few things, I again couldn't come up with anything nice, but didn't want to go to work with bare nails 'cos they look horrible! I decided to just do a simple french mani - I just used white polish and swiped across the tips of my nails. I wore these to work today, and when I was home I got doodling with a black nail-art pen. I first was only going to add the black line under the white, but then I ended up adding the black spike too. Not sure if they look finished or what they're supposed to look like, but these are my nails today!

Also, I've had a rather exciting evening! I saw on Facebook earlier this month that Indie polish maker Kim who makes Nails Inspire polishes was going to be having a stall at a school near to me. I wasn't sure about going along because I don't have a connection to the school so didn't want to look/feel like a weirdo! But me and my mum wanted something to do so we went along, and the fair was fab! It wasn't like a fair for schoolkids with hook-a-duck etc, it was like a proper local crafts fair. It was sooo busy but I eventually found Kim's stall, which was overrun with people interested in her thermal polishes, pretty glitters and CUSTOM made polishes that she was making right at the stall. 

Here's what I bought, after a lot of deliberation:

Aren't they stunning!!! On the left is the thermal polish that I wanted the most, Fairy Lights. I specifically went for a pink thermal, so yay! On the right is Strawberry Jellie, a fantastic shade of pink with holo glitter. So so pretty, I didn't plan to get it but knew I had to have it as soon as I saw it! And in the middle, last but not least, is the mini custom glitter topper that Kim made for me at the table. I chose a dark rich pink, a turquoise and a larger kind of colour-shift glitter, which were all mixed together for me. And what a beauty it's turned out to be! 

I literally cannot wait to try these, but I'm resisting tonight - 1 because it's late and 2 because I'm only going to work tomorrow - I want to save them until I have a special occasion to wear them on, because they deserve to be shown off.

Kim was lovely, her stall was very busy with lots of interest from both adults and children, and I'm so pleased she was getting a lot of custom!


  1. love the nail art! saw it on instagram and was like :O amazing!!

  2. you have so many fantastic ideas!


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