Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Monochrome Snowflakes


Yesterday night, I applied my beautiful Utopia by Models Own as a last resort - I'd tried various nail-art ideas but none of them worked out like I wanted and I ended up getting annoyed! I put my nail-art pens in my bag for today, in case I got a chance to doodle on my nails at work. And I did!

I wanted something Christmassy, but neither my base colour or my pens were Christmassy colours really! After having a google for inspiration, I found these rather fab nails by Youtube user, Indigonova1. I loved the bold use of black and white to create snowflake patterns so wanted to have a go myself. Here are the results, with a topcoat of my color club shimmery topcoat!

I totally love these Barry M pens! 

Also, I've had a fab day today for new stuff! Today I wanted a magazine to read, and ended up buying Glamour even though I told myself a while back I wouldn't get it! But I did want something to read, so I got that AND a free nail polish.... I did need a plain black that wasn't matte, so now I have one. Woo! 

I got an amazing surprise as well. My boyfriend is away, but he told me to expect a parcel. I thought it might be one nail varnish - instead it was 24 in the shape of the Ciate calendar! So unexpected, and I feel very spoilt - I know they're very expensive and he was naughty to buy it, but I am so excited to start opening it :-D

Last but certainly not least, I received my delivery of new Nail Lacquer UK polishes! I got two from the Alice In Wonderland collection and they're just stunning. Literally cannot wait to get them on my nails! Here's a pic of everything I got today!

Lastly, just letting you know that I recently got Instagram... I don't really know what I'm doing, but will be posting pretty nail pics there too whenever they feature on the blog. My username is mymintnails if you have Instagram and want to follow me!


  1. Wow!!! You lucky thing!! I had ordered myself the calendar (my boyfriend just wasn't taking the hint haha) but then my order got cancelled :( I'm going to reorder it (I think) but it won't be here in time to start opening on sunday :(
    Your snow flake nails are great, I've been trying snowflakes tonight and I just can't do them!!

  2. Those snowflakes are amazing! The lines are so precise! xx

  3. These are gorgeous, a classy take on christmas nail art :)


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