Thursday, 21 November 2013

What's Your Favourite Colour? - Indy's Indies


I've got a series of pretty posts to come up. I recently bought five Winter/Christmas polishes from Indy's Indies, which in case you didn't already know is a UK indie polish brand by the fab Danielle. She mixes all these polishes herself and has come up with some fab, glittery combinations for the Christmas season. Here are the polishes I bought, all mini-versions (you can get full-size too) so I could try out more for my money!

(L-R, The Snowman, Don't Eat Yellow Snow!, Elf Love, Crushed Candy Cane, What's Your Favourite Colour?)

(L-R, Don't Eat Yellow Snow, Crushed Candy Cane, What's Your Favourite Colour? Elf Love, The Snowman)

Aren't they pretty?? Each one is different, and they've all got really unique and gorgeous glitter combinations. I'm aiming to spend the next week posting a review and pics of each polish in turn.

The first I tried out and wore yesterday is What's Your Favourite Colour? 
I spent a while deciding what colour to layer this over. When a glitter polish is all different shades, it's hard to pick a bright colour to go underneath. If I wore it over yellow for example, the blue/red/green bits will really pop, but you wouldn't be able to see the yellow bits. So I decided to just go for black. Plain, but I thought it'd really make the glitter pieces stand out. And it did!

This polish was brilliant to apply. Every dip of the brush brought me some more sparkly surprises! There are sooo many different colours and shapes in this bottle, and you don't really realise how much until you start applying it. As well as the tiny, multicoloured glitter, there's flowers, snowflakes, stars, butterflies, squares, circles of all different sizes, hexes and stars. In all different colours, and both matte, shiny and holographic glitters. Wow-eeee! 

It was really easy to apply and I didn't need to 'fish' for glitters, however due to me wanting a lot of big pieces in a range of colours and shapes on each of my nails, I did have to pick and choose which bits I wanted to use and position them accordingly. I am wearing two coats with a bit of placement of the big pieces in all these photos. I've also used a topcoat.

My favourite glitter pieces were the little flowers and stars, and also the biggest holographic circle glitters, that caught the light amazingly. The tiny glitter mixed in really added to the sparkle.

All the gitter pieces lay flat on my nails, I didn't have any problems with bits poking up, even with the shards and stars.

I had some fab comments from shop assistants on my nails yesterday when I was out shopping - every time I got my purse out at a till they'd mention them! One girl especially said they were amazing, couldn't believe they were my own nails and called over a colleague to see. They were really amazed when I said I didn't stick on all the glitter myself, that it was a polish containing all the pieces already!

This one turned out to be my favourite nail, I loved the big snowflake and the different glitters.

My thumb also looked cool with this yellow flower and the green star!

I also loved how the big blue holo glitter at the top of my other thumbnail kept catching the light!

As I mentioned, I will be posting a review for each of the other new Indy's Indies polishes I got, along with lots of piccies. Hopefully they will all be up in the next week or so, one a day, so keep a look-out for those! I know it's not Christmas yet, but I wanted to get the reviews up so that people would have a chance to see what they were like and buy them if poss before xmas!

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  1. Son espectaculares, voy ha echar un vistazo a los esmaltes que tiene indys, porque cada cual es más bonito


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