Thursday, 7 November 2013

Balloon House!


As soon as I saw this fab Indie polish swatched on other blogs, I knew I wanted to try it myself! Balloon House is made by Danielle and you can get it at her fab Etsy Store, Indy's Indies. She currently has Balloon House in stock, as well as some really pretty Autumn and Christmas polishes, one of these being a shimmery version of Balloon House, called Baubles. Go see!

For this manicure, I started with two coats of Models Own Valerian, the blue from their recent Velvet Goth collection. This is a really deep glittery blue, and I picked it because it's so dark and  I wanted the circles in Balloon House to really pop over the top. 

When adding the Balloon House, I had to coax the circles out of the bottle sometimes, but sometimes the brush would be loaded! I found it worked well to get the circles to stick around the rim of the bottle, then you could dip in the brush to pick out whichever one(s) you wanted. To apply them evenly(ish) across the nail and to stop overlap you did have to place them a bit, which is usual with large pieces in indie polish so it wasn't a problem. I took a while to apply these because I wanted a lot on each nail, for them to be well spaced but still random-looking, and for a good mix of colour on each nail. 

I finished off this manicure with a few generous coats of topcoat to smooth it all out. The circles aren't too thick and they'd have been fine without a topcoat as they weren't sticking up or anything, but I prefer a smooth shiny finish.

I looove the rainbow of colours included in this polish, it's so unusual and so happy! I especially love the mustard yellow and the pink circles. So pretty. I wanted these to kind of look like bright fireworks against a dark night sky, as I'm going to see a display tomorrow. I think it works! 


  1. This is such a cute polish! I love the rainbow, and it really looks great against the black!

    1. Thanks, I took ages deciding which colour to layer it over! I want to try loads more combos :-)

  2. It's amazing!Such a unique nail paint.

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