Sunday, 10 November 2013

Pearly Lady


After my Lorax fail yesterday, I didn't have much time to think of or do another design, so I decided to just go for pretty-and-plain nails. I've had Lady by Barry M on my 'to-try-again' list for ages. This is the only one I've bought from Barry M's new textured range, I really wanted more but I don't really use textured polishes much and knew I wouldn't use them! However after loads of umm-ing and ahh-ing I finally bought Lady with my Boots points (so doesn't really count as buying, right?!).

I was so excited to try it and applied it straight to my nails the day I got it... and was disappointed! I'd not thought to use a base colour, and after three coats Lady was still see-through, you could see my nail-line and I really didn't like it! I knew it would look better with a white base coat, and have wanted to try it for ages, but have always had other designs I've wanted to do (more recently, halloween and bonfire night themed etc).

Sooo anyway, here it is. This time, I used a base of Sally Hansen's Lavender Cloud, two coats. This is my fave (and only!) white polish and it's a massive bottle too! I then topped this with two coats of Lady. Instantly it looked fab! I love how clean and pure this polish looks, and it's a bit more exciting than just having plain white nails. It looks like crushed pearl and I love it! 

I've not added a topcoat as I didn't want to alter the textured finish, which did mean this took ages to dry and was more easily marked, and I did have to re-do one finger when I got a big dent in it soon after painting it! But I've had it on since yesterday now and it's not chipped or got any tip-wear, and it's still looking beautiful. 

I played about with having an accent nail and also contemplated adding studs or something, but really this polish is just beautiful on its own and doesn't need any embellishment. Looooook <3 


  1. this polish is just glamorous! and makes the nails look perfect for the Queen of Snow! I really like it!
    and...your nails are perfectly polished :)

  2. Right, I came over to look after your comment on my blog post and I think you have sold me, it looks like I need to try this one as well. :D

  3. I think this looks super pretty! If you're not sold on the formula (but do like the colour and so on), I'd recommend giving the white 17 textured polish (Celestial Pearl) a go! It's not exaaactly the same as this and the formula isn't as easy to work with as the other 17 textures, but it is definitely opaque in 3 coats...possibly in two, but I think I used three to get more even coverage. It's super sparkly, too. I still have Countess (I think? The purple one...) from Barry M on my to-buy list haha...


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