Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Elf Love - Indy's Indies


Today I've got a fourth xmassy indie polish from Indy's Indies to show off and review! This one is the most festive of the lot, I think! It's called Elf Love which I think is a really cute name too. 

Elf Love is a mixture of red, green and gold glitter pieces, in different shapes and sizes. It's a lovely variety - all the different pieces look fab together. I especially love the gold circles! I decided to layer it over black, so started with two coats of my new black Nails Inc polish I got with Glamour magazine.

I then added two dabbled coats of Elf Love. The smaller pieces of glitter come out really easily, the larger ones you have to fish for. The only slight issue I had with this polish was that the big red hearts sometimes clumped together - so you'd either get none or loads! This wasn't a problem though, as a bit of a nudge with the brush would separate them out! 

Here's some pics. It's so Christmassy! :-)

If you want to buy this (quick, before Christmas!!) or any of the other fun and festive polishes from the range at Indy's Indies you can do by clicking here!


  1. You are costing me money! I've now ordered "What am I doing here" & "Starry Night". I was tempted by Elf Love too, butI'll get that another time if it's still available. She does some lovely stuff.

    1. Yay! :-D Glad you have discovered them and like them! Xx

    2. I have a feeling they could prove addictive!


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