Sunday, 24 November 2013

Kiko Lace Print


While shopping in Westfield Stratford in London over the weekend, I popped into the KIKO shop. I'd heard about this brand of cosmetics through other blogs, so I popped in to see what colours they had and what the prices were. I really didn't mean to buy any - I didn't need any new colours and had just bought a new Maybelline polish from Boots, so my polish-buying-need had been satisfied. But as soon as I saw the polishes were only £3.90, and then spotted this beauty - well - I had to have it.

It doesn't have a name on it, just a number: 346. After a quick google it seems this polish is called Olive Drab. It's a beautiful, dull kind of teal/ pretty. 

This polish applies BEAUTIFULLY! It's so creamy and smooth and shiny, it looked beautiful with just one coat! I did do two coats just out of habit and to make it look even richer, and just - wow! It's beautiful. I need many, many more KIKO's now!!! I have added a topcoat in this pic, but not to make it more shiny, just to protect it. I've had this polish on for three days now and it's remained perfect.

With flash:

Without flash:

Today I had some spare time at work (whilst announcing trains) and decided to doodle over the top with my Barry M pen. For inspiration I used this fab manicure by AJ over at Nail Lacquer UK. I was at work so couldn't watch the video but I had a look at her pics and picked one of the patterns to try. Cos my nails were so shiny and slippy, the pen didn't work as well as usual, but this actually worked out quite well - the spidery lines worked well for lace print!


  1. This print looks really pretty and the colour is beautiful!

  2. It's really adorable and elegant. Love it! You're really talented.

  3. these lace nails look amazing!

  4. Beautiful! And I need some Kiko's in my life :P


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