Thursday, 21 November 2013

The Snowman - Indy's Indies

Hello again!

Second post of the day, but I decided to show off one more Indy's Indies polish before I am back at work tomorrow. This awesome polish is called The Snowman, for obvious reasons! It looks like a mushed-up snowman in the bottle with all the big white circles, small black dots and orange shards. I think it's genius!!

How awesome!? 

I began with a base coat of white, with two coats of Cinderella by Sinful colours (a pale sparkly blue) layered over the top. I then applied two coats of The Snowman, again with a bit of prodding to get the pieces not overlapping and spread semi-evenly across the nail. To bring the manicure together I added an accent nail of a snowman's face, using my Barry M nail art pen and a bit of orange polish! 

I loooove this polish. Can you tell?! It's so unusual and cheerful (and a tiny bit sadistic if you think of it as lots of snowmen all mushed up and shoved into a little bottle, hehe) ....but still so awesome. 

The white circles were really easy to get out of the bottle, the orange shards too but they were more reluctant to come off the brush and go onto the nail due to being smaller. The black dots I couldn't see against the black brush so couldn't really place them, they just came out wherever!

If you would like to purchase this polish for the winter season, head over to Indy's Indies on Etsy, where you can buy it as a mini or full size bottle. There's also some other xmas/winter polishes, including What's Your Favourite Colour? that I reviewed earlier today. 


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