Thursday, 14 November 2013

LacAttack over blue


These are today's nails, and hopefully they'll last a good few days at work. I've had Beauxbatons Academy by Lac Attack for quite a while now, but have only used it once or twice. I need to make sure I use all my pretties more than once!!! I bought this polish from my friend Naileymabob who had ordered a lot of Lac Attacks - The Harry Potter ones - and I think for some reason she had two of this particular one, so I bought it, cos it looks beautiful! I don't know much about Lac Attack, but I've just googled them and they have lots of gorgeous polishes, although they're based (I think) in America.

Anyway, here it is. I've used it on it's own before and it's quite see-through, so I decided this time to layer it over pale blue, to match the glitter. So I started with a base of white, before adding two coats of Cinderella by Sinful Colors, which is a pale sparkly blue that needs white under it to show up! I was going to use Barry M's blueberry, but thought this was a little too dark. I then added two coats of Beauxbatons, then a nice layer of topcoat. 


  1. It's so pretty! I can imagine the Beauxbatons girls in Harry Potter with nails like these...The harry potter movie needed this color. Haha

  2. Do you ever break a nail? Your nails always look so strong, & are a lovely shape. Annoyingly, I managed to break an index finger nail tonight, & so I'm making all the other nails short to match, as it feels strange with just one short nail. What is your secret for managing to always have long nails?

  3. I must always wear nail varnish! Haha. When I don't have any on, my nails are actually really weak and bendy, so a good few coats of nail varnish keep them covered up and protected. I also really consciously always try not to break them, because I'd be so sad :-( They do break still though, but thankfully not for a while or my pics wouldn't be good if my nails were all uneven.
    Thanks for saying they're a nice shape, I don't really like their shape, other nail-bloggers have lovely squared-off nails but mine just don't look right like that.

    1. Thanks, I must try to wear nail polish more often. Although I had a total disaster on Saturday using a No 7 polish ( a gorgeous purple) - it was horrible to apply, very thin & runny & trying to do the 2nd coat was a nightmare, & I ended up getting polish on my fingers. In a fit of temper, I removed it all, & dumped the polish in the bin. No more No 7 for me.


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