Tuesday, 19 November 2013



A quick comparison post of some 'then and now' nails. I don't usually do these, but I was looking through my pics and came across my first swatch of 'Beauxbatons Academy" by Lac Attack and wanted to share it as a comparison with my latest one. Also because I don't have anything new to post today, as I'm at work shortly, and in London tomorrow. Will definitely have some more nail-prettiness to show on Thursday though. :-)

So here's my first swatch of Beauxbatons, a good few months ago, and then my one from this week...

So I know the second pic is by no means perfect, I still need to work on my photography skills/style, and nail-painting! But I think I've improved on and learnt quite a lot since the first pic...

1. Hand/nailcare- I used to be really bad and pick off my polish, which tbh I still sometimes do but not as much, and only if it's really peeling! Also I didn't used to bother with handcream, but now I've got some Lemony Flutter from Lush that I try to use whenever I can on my cuticles. I also reaaaally try not to pick at the skin around my nails or bite them, both of which I used to do. And I really try to keep my nails all a similar length and shape, although I'm still not too happy with the shape now!

2. Clean-up - I've really tried to get neater with painting my nails, and if I get any around my cuticle I try to make sure it's cleaned and neatened up, I think it really improves a manicure.

3. Use of base and topcoat- I use Nail Envy now as a base. I used to think it was a pointless step but I think it does protect my nails and improve their quality, and prevent staining when using dark colours. A shiny topcoat always makes nails look more professional and 'finished off' - I use Sally Hansen's Insta-dri.

4. Use of a base colour under glitter or sheer polish. When I was younger and I bought a glitter polish, I'd always apply it straight to a bare nail, then be disappointed that it didn't look as dense and sparkly as in the bottle. I've only realised since getting into nails and nail-art that they look sooo much better over the top of a colour, or with several coats.

So that's that! As I mentioned, I've got some beautiful polishes to try out and review later on in the week so keep a look-out for those :-)


  1. I'm impressed and you can definitely see an improvement! Nice to see I'm rubbing off on you with the hand/nail/cuticle care!

  2. This reminds me of Marshmallows :)



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