Sunday, 1 December 2013

Fairy Lights: Nails Inspire Polish

Hello! I've got a beautiful polish to show off today. I've actually being wearing this since Friday night and it's still absolutely perfect. This is Fairy Lights, a thermal polish by UK indie maker Nails Inspire. A thermal polish is one that changes colour with heat. This one is white when warm and pink when cold.

I decided to wear it this weekend because me and my awesome friends have been to London for a day out, so I thought the colour change would work well as we'd constantly be inside and outside. The polish seems to stay white if I am indoors (shop, cafe etc) and it's reasonably warm (although as I'm typing now nails are mostly pink cos the heating hasn't kicked in yet - brr!) ... and pink when outside. What I loved most was the beautiful gradients created by a change in temperature! 

I decided to layer this polish over white. I did this to try and maximise colour change, and it did work! My nails were pure white when warm, and bright pink when cold. However, layering it over white meant that whilst when my nails were white/warm, they looked flawless, when they were pink/cold, there were tiny bits around my nail that I'd missed with the thermal polish that would still be white! That's my fault for not applying it carefully enough, but as it was white when I was applying it, it was difficult to see any missed spots.

I also added a topcoat of Sally Hansen's Insta-dri to give a smoother finish as the glitter left the polish a little gritty (which is usual for glitters)!

The glitter in this polish is beautiful, and plentiful! It's a gorgeous mix of pink and blue in different sizes. It's such a fab idea to have glitter in with the thermal, it really makes the polish individual, and really pretty to wear even without the colour-change aspect!

I also love it because pink, white and glittery are my absolute favourite colours for my nails at the moment, so there is no point where I'm wearing this polish and I'm not keen on the look of my nails. My only other experience of thermal polishes was a purple/blue one from born pretty. That one didn't work nearly as well, and the two colours weren't really my type of colour polish. It also peeled off so quickly. I've not had any similar problems with this one.

Pics! This is yesterday morning before I set off, warm at the base and cold at the tips. A lovely gradient, they ended up like this a lot throughout the day!

Another shot of them warm - I adore the glitter over the white! It looks so wintery!

I took this yesterday night when I was walking in London - it was very cold and my nails reflected this - fully pink! They were like this most of the time I was outside but I was too chilly to take lots of pics!

My thumb with a pretty gradient!

This is like a reverse gradient - I was freezing so had my hand clenched with the tips of my nails dug into my palms - which meant the tips got warm and they ended up like this!!

Luckily, Kim of Nails Inspire is restocking her Etsy page at some point tonight, if you want to get your hands on one of these xmas thermals. As well as this pink one, there's a really pretty, wintery blue/white, and definitely a few others.


  1. this polish is a pure magic! amazing!

  2. Very very VERY nice! Loving the glitter!!


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