Wednesday, 11 December 2013

My Self-Designed Polish : Nails Inspire

Hello! Really sparkly nails today! This polish is by Kim at Nails Inspire, a UK indie brand. I bought it when I went to see her at a local craft fair, and I picked the glitter myself from a big list of colours. I didn't have long to decide so just went for my two favourite colours - magenta and turquoise - and picked a third glitter that was bigger and irredescent to go with it. I think if I'd had longer (my mum was waiting, and Kim was really busy!) I might have picked a more unusual combo, but actually I love how this has come out. I also love that I got to watch this being made!

I applied two coats of this polish (I've decided to name it Unlimited in honour Glinda and Elphaba from Wicked!) over grey. The grey is Pillow Fight by Ciate, one of my advent calendar treats. Here's the grey on it's own - three coats to get full coverage.

Then here is the glitter! It was waaay more dense and glittery than I expected it would be - I was going to do a gradient on the tips, but it was so thick I just went for full coverage to make the most of it. It's stunning! The irredescent larger glitters really make the polish great - they sparkle all sorts of colours.

I finished off with two coats of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri. As much as I love this topcoat, it doesn't smooth out glitter as well as I'd like - anyone got any recommendations for a topcoat I can get in the UK, not too expensive, that is better for adding a smoothness over glitter? :-)

Also I had a breakage yesterday :-( Luckily it was on my thumb nail, and on the hand I don't photograph as much, but still.... it's so short! Waaah. I did it unplugging the xmas tree lights!!

Anyway - hope you like my sparkly nails today! x


  1. Wow the polish you designed looks fabulous! As of top coat- it looks quite smooth on the photos tbh. I use Gelous (about £6) and Poshe fast dry top coat (£5) and the finish is smooth in my opinion but could be better :P

    1. I do admire your glitter-smoothness, and Cazzy's is great too - mine don't look as good/smooth as both of your glitter mani's, haha. I will definitely look into these topcoats, cheers!

  2. This looks super! I second AJ's suggestion of Gelous for a smoother - that's the one I use 95% of the time. Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter Food is good too, but I think you have to order it from Llarowe.

  3. this glitter looks really awesome!

  4. This is stunning, love the colour combo of turquoise and magenta

  5. Oh I do love the glitter! Amazing colours! Love your choices :D


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