Saturday, 21 December 2013

Bling Nails for Xmas Night Out


It was my work's xmas do yesterday evening, and I wanted to go for really bling nails for the occasion. I really like the idea of lots of sparkles/studs on nails anyway, and what better chance to have a go than for a Christmas party? I also wanted something a bit OTT and wacky since I can't have that kind of thing at work.

I started with two coats of the beautiful Charm Bracelet by Seventeen. I loooove this beautiful gold textured glitter, and it's fab for Xmas! I then grabbed all of my studs, rhinestones and gems from various places - some of these are from nail wheels from Poundland, some came in little kits where you get a nail art pen with some gems, and the more metallic studs are from Born Pretty. 

I decided I definitely wanted to go for the big, pearly coloured gems. I added two or three of these onto my nails, pressing them into a thin coat of wet topcoat to stick them down. I was going to leave it at that, but all my other gems were calling out to me. I decided to add green, pink and gold, as well as the odd different-shaped or coloured stud to add to the randomness. 

I finished off by adding a good few more coats of topcoat to seal them all in. They look so sparkly and chunky and fab- very OTT but that's what I wanted! And I think I only lost one or two gems throughout the night - and I've even done the washing up this morning and they're all still in place. They're not as obtrusive as you'd think to have stuck to your nails - I felt sure they'd ping off at the slightest thing but they all seem very well stuck down!


  1. SO SPARKLY!! I LOVE IT :D Love the 3D touch! Id be feeling those up!

  2. Wow that's so sparkly! It's still pretty though.


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