Thursday, 26 December 2013

Christmas Polish Presents!


I had a lovely Christmas and hope you all did too - it's gone too fast! I have been very lucky this year and got lots and lots of polish and polish-related gifts - everyone knew what I would like obviously! As well as receiving a ton of polishes from my lovely boyfriend, I also took part in two nail-related Secret Santa's, one through twitter and one through, a Casualty and Holby fansite I've been part of forever. Lots of us don't watch the show any more but we've all known each other about 10 years now. Quite a few of us have recently got into nail/nail art so we decided to do our own Secret Santa. 

Anyway - here is all my amazing nail gifts all together:

How amazing!? I'm so so so excited to have so many new ones at once to try out, especially all the Indies and brands I've never had before like China Glaze and piCture pOlish. I also didn't get anything I already had which is pretty impressive! Now where to put them all!?

Here's a little break-down of what's what. The ones that say "studio" on the front were a set that came with the loose glitter pots at the top. These were from my boyfriend. Can't wait to try the pink diamond loose glitter in a glitter placement mani! The Nail Lacquer UK polishes are also from my boyfriend and they're all stunners! They are all his choices, and I'm also desperate to give these a go, especially the two white-based ones and the big pink circle glitter! And the other two. So all of them, haha.

My 'twitter' Secret Santa got me these from the above:

So happy with the Tara's Talons polishes - I've seen these everywhere but never actually got round to getting myself any, so these are my first three ever! And they are all absolutely gorgeous- definitely what I would have chosen myself! The purple glitter one especially is just stunning. All three are such perfect choices for me! I also love the multi-coloured glitter from w7 - it's a gorgeous mix. Glitter is always a winner. And so are studs!! I got some gorgeous hearts, bows and SPIKES <3 Can't wait to use these. The pens are gorgeous too - colours I don't have, with the extra bonus of the rhinestones at the ends - one shade especially is crying out to be used. These were all wrapped so beautifully and it was so exciting to open everything:

I don't know who bought all of this for me but it's all just ideal and I adore it. Thank-you!

My second Secret Santa gift was also beautifully wrapped - here it is waiting to be opened. I love the candy cane and the little mittens - that are both now hanging on my tree!

And inside:

Three more beauties. Seriously, I love all three of these! I've never had any China Glaze before, but my boyfriend bought me two and I got this one above from my secret santa as well. This gold and red glitter is stunning and looks soooo amazing in the bottle, can't wait to try it out. The piCture pOlish was a complete surprise - I've heard of this brand but never owned one - and I don't think I've seen a polish as beautiful. I do think this manages to be my favourite of all the ones I got, if I had to choose. LOOK AT IT! <3 The Nails Inc Galaxy is obviously amazing, and as a bonus it came like this:

Thankyou Secret Santa!

I also forgot to include the Ciate caviar set in the top pic that my boyfriend got me. Here's another pic I took where it features, and where my other polishes are still in their box. Also at the bottom, the pink thing is like a pillow to rest my hands on whilst I'm painting my nails, another idea from my boyfriend!

Honestly can't wait to try all these out, I'm so spoilt for choice! I've picked out a Nail Lacquer UK I'm going to go with first. I'm going to be kept busy/happy for months with all of my new pretties!! 

Hope you all had a lovely time and were spoilt too <3


  1. Your Christmas Presents look amazing!!! I can't wait to see you use them for nail art! :)

  2. OMG this picture polish looks amazing!!! So many pretties, Santa must know you well :D

  3. Love all the polish! I'm totally gonna come and take em all :D so lucky!

  4. Lucky you, you got loads of amazing things! I really want to try some indies, I might have to treat myself to some :D

  5. Polish presents are awesome! I'm so jealous of your Nail Laquer UK goodies!


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