Friday, 6 December 2013

Monochrome Reindeer


These are my nails today - black and white reindeer! I had my black and white nail art pens, and I had my mind set on doing reindeer, so I did. It was only after that I realised there were more suitable Christmassy animals to do with black and white - penguins?! Polar bears?! But no, for some reason I did black and white Reindeer!

I started with a base of Sugar Plum by Ciaté. I have their advent calendar this year, and I've really liked all the polishes I've got so far! There's been a dark red, two shades of orange (?? odd!), a irredescent flakie and a little bottle of red and gold loose glitter. And of course this pretty pastel purple today. I've not wanted to post immediately every day about what I'd got in case other people with the calendar happened to see my blog before opening theirs! But it's a really fab calendar, I love finding out what colour I will get each day.

So, I began with a base of Sugar Plum, mainly because I was testing out my Day 6 polish. I then picked up my trusty black and white Barry M nail art pens to doodle on a design. I went for cute reindeers. I couldn't decide whether they should be white with black eyes/noses or vice versa, so went with both, alternate on each nail! I top-coated with Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri as usual. It's a lifesaver! 

Also, today I painted my mum's nails for a Christmas night out with her friends. After filing them all to make them all even, we went for a base of Utopia by Models Own topped with Glitterball (silver glitter) by No7 and Queen Of Hearts by Nail Lacquer UK (excluding the black and red hearts because she just wanted red glitter and this is the only one I own - and so pretty with it's different sized pieces!) Here are her nails looking very pretty and Christmassy, and I have been booked again to do another design next week before her work Christmas do. :-)


  1. That must really take so much talent!

  2. Those are way too adorable to be allowed! Inspiring! Also your mom's nails look cute. :)


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