Sunday, 1 December 2013

Queen Of Hearts: Nail Lacquer UK


Tonight I've got some new nails to show you. I've based these around one of my new Nail Lacquer UK polishes from the Alice In Wonderland collection. This is Queen Of Hearts, a dense red glitter with black and red hearts. As with all of Nail Lacquer UK's glitters, this one is beautiful! I love the different sized pieces and the richness of the red, and the heart shapes make it really unique.

The bottle of polish is just so sparkly and red, and has a matching 'Alice' themed charm. This one is a playing card which I didn't realise until I'd finished this manicure, so it matches really well! 

The base is Sally Hansen's Lavender Cloud (white) and I've done two coats of Queen Of Hearts over three nails on each hand. For the other two nails, I decided to make them into playing cards, using my black nail art pen and some red polish for the heart and the background for the spade. It's all topped with one coat of Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri.

I've got one more from the Alice collection to try, it's a white base with black specks and has little spade-shapes inside. Can't wait to give that one a go, it's so unusual! I also received an early Christmas present from my awesome friend Naileymabob - another Nail Lacquer UK polish that she had custom-made especially! It's a stunner, so look out for it on my blog hopefully later in the week.


  1. This looks beautiful, especially the nail art bit and love how it matches the charm :))) xx

    1. Thanks AJ! I love this polish, the red glitter is sooo sparkly :-) xx

  2. I loved it!! It looks so beautiful *-*


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