Saturday, 14 December 2013

My Mint Snowflakes


I've got a pretty manicure to show you tonight, using two more of my Ciaté polishes from my advent calendar. I loved both of these and couldn't decide which to use first, so I decided to put them together to create a wintery gradient, as they were quite similar in colour. 

The blue is called Ferris Wheel and the mint green is Pepperminty. I was especially chuffed with the mint green one, firstly because it kind of matches my blog name, and secondly because my w7 mint colour had gone all glooply and I've recently chucked it away - so it's great to have a new one, especially one as pretty as this. 

I used a make-up sponge to create the gradient. It helps that the colours are so similar - they blend really well - perhaps they're a bit too similar, meaning this gradient is very subtle. I then used my trusty Barry M white nail-art pen for the snowflakes, using some ideas from my first snowflake manicure that I did a few weeks ago. I was really happy with that manicure as I found I could actually draw snowflakes reasonably, which is why I wanted to do it again, with a more wintery colour scheme this time.

After drawing on all the snowflakes, I topped it all off with my pretty holo glitter from Claire's. I picked this as a topper because you can hardly see it in some lights, meaning you can still see the design below with no problems, but in other lights it shimmers and sparkles lots of wintery shades. 

Here's everything I used, apart from my base coat (Nail Envy) and topcoat (Insta-Dri) that aren't in the pic but are used in every mani :-D

...and here are a few more pictures of the end result. These pics (apart from the one I used at the top of this post) look a bit more blue-y than it looks in real life, but still show off the pretty snowflakes and glitter!

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  1. So beautiful!! I love the minty gradient, and oh man your nails are such a pretty shape right now :D


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