Sunday, 22 December 2013

Monochrome Christmas Trees

My beautiful a-england nails were very pretty, a stunning shade with no embellishment needed, but I decided tonight that it wasn't the season for plain nails! 

So I decided to get out my trusty black and white nail-art pens from good old Barry M to doodle on a design. A lot of my designs end up being monochrome! I'd love a red, green and blue nail-art pen as well, please Barry M!

I've seen lots of xmas tree manis done with tape but I suck at using striping tape so I just freehanded these on. I was going to add some glequins as little baubles, but I think they would have looked too chunky on these delicate little trees, so I just left them how they are! Only one pic because it's so hard to capture the pretty holo of Rose Bower (the pink/red!)

I also have a little celebration - I reached 100 followers on Bloglovin, yay! I don't go on about how many followers I have, but I like to see my count rising - and I'm happy I got to 100 just before Christmas :-) woo! x


  1. These are a nice touch and a lot better than my attempt! Also well done at getting to 100 followers! I'm no where near that!

  2. I love the base colour, saw it on instagram and was memorized! lovely trees too :D love the tiny dots!

  3. I'm wearing Rose Bower at the moment too, it's really gorgeous, not that I can get a colour accurate photo of it! Yours are spot on though, and I love the little Christmas trees xx

  4. love them!!! think these are amongst the nicest ones I've seen xx

  5. These are lovely, very modern! I really like them.
    I also want a gold nail art pen too!


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