Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Damselfly, & friends

I had a lovely day today shopping in London with my friend Kathie (who is so fab at nail art)! We had fun looking at all different kinds of nail varnish, and I accidentally bought myself a new bottle!

This is Damselfly by Accessorize. I've never seen it before but when I caught sight of it today in Boots I just knew I had to have it! So pretty!! It's a bright blue with silver, pale blue and dark blue glitter/bits.Really unique, and only £3.45 :-) I couldn't wait and applied it on the train home (the carriage was empty so I hopefully didn't annoy anyone with the smell)

This is three coats. I think it'll be terrible to remove but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it! So pretty, everyone go and buy it. There was a lovely orange too, with black and white bits in....yum.


I also wanted to use this post to show off some of my friends' nails, because they are awesome, and they don't have blogs! The first is my colleague Chantelle at work who is so skilled at Leopard Print. Love the addition of gems on her ring finger!

And here is a photo of my spotty nails earlier today with Kathie's nails - fab use of chunky hex glitter to separate the brown and white sections - so neat - I've got to get some of that! She is working on a blog which she hopes to start soon. Sorry the pic is bad quality! EDIT: HERE'S HER BLOG!

And this heavenly sight was in Selfridges today - we wanted everything!!


  1. I literally love this polish. I need to get me one of these coloured ones with glitter in. It may be a black next! x

  2. OH WOW that is a drool worthy amount of Nails Inc.

    hello! Found you through a bunch of links to British Nail Bloggers. I'm a Canadian one! Always glad to find more nail heads!


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