Saturday, 2 February 2013

Stained Glass Geometric

Just a quick update to show you the addition I've just made to my geometric nails - and I like them so much better! The scruffy lines between the colours were annoying me, so I had the idea today to go over the lines with a nail-art pen. It's still not perfect but I think it looks a lot better, and like a stained glass window!

I only did this design yesterday afternoon, but after a shower/hair-wash and a day despatching trains at work, they were looking really scraped at the ends so I've touched them up a bit. Also the seche vite has kind of "separated" at the edges of my nails - I find it tends to do that quite a lot which is annoying because it ruins the flawlessness/smoothness. I think I will buy a bottle of Sally Hansen's fast drying top-coat shortly as I've heard good things, see if that is any better!

Looking forward to attempting something for next week's challenge - not sure what though! Yellow is odd to work with... I have a few ideas! Watch this space x


  1. I love how you've neatened these up, the silver lines make all the difference. To stop my Seche Vite from seperating (though I call it shrinking) I paint over my cuticles then clean up!

  2. Hola!! Me guta como ha quedado e incluso sin el delineador plata habria quedado muy bien!

    Un besito desde

  3. I really like these, might have to try something similar myself.

    I have nominated your for The Liebster Award. Check out my post



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