Thursday, 21 February 2013

Barry M texture!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I've just treated myself to one of the new Barry M textured polishes. When I heard about these and saw swatches from other nail bloggers, I knew I would have to try one out. I didn't get the full range as I wasn't sure I'd use them much, so I picked my favourite - the pink! I thought if it's going to be a strange texture, it should be a normal-ish colour... and also, it's called Kingsland Road which is very similar to my street name, so was obviously meant to be bought by me. ;-)

I applied three coats of the polish. You definitely need this amount, as it's quite see-through after one coat, and still a bit patchy after two. I've had this on for longer than a day and it's stayed on well so far, even though I mess/pick at my nail varnish (I know, bad!)

 Like other bloggers have said, I'm not quite sure how much I'll use this, and whether I will encorporate it into my nail art? I definitely had to try it though, especially as Superdrug were doing 2 for £6 on Barry M, which meant I could also get one of the new Gelly's too!

What do you all think of textured polish? I still haven't made up my mind!


  1. I love this effect!
    I'm so jealous You can buy it- in Poland none of this textures is available :(

  2. I think it would look nice in a ruffian manicure :)

  3. Is this a type of Matt? I love it so much!


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