Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Famous! // Aztec Shimmer

Yay, look at my nails! ^ 

I sent these in to Look magazine when I saw they were asking for pics of nail art. I'd only just started out doing pretty things with my nails when I did this design (the cherry blossom, or as the magazine has named them- Fancy florals) so I was really happy when they said they wanted to put it in their mag! Also I didn't find their email for weeks as it'd gone into my junk mail, so I didn't even know if they'd actually feature these or if I'd missed my chance, as they didn't get back to me. I noticed a new issue was out today and had a flick through, and yey, there they are! 

If anyone wants to submit their art, the address is look.co.uk/nails and you can upload as many as you like. You have to log in via Facebook but you can set it so it doesn't spam your profile with posts.

Because I was all happy with this, I decided to buy myself a little reward in town this afternoon:

  I got: 
Sally Hansen - Insta-Dri top coat (£5.99 Boots)
Accessorize - Aztec (£4)
Accessorize - Miss Sunshine (£1.20 in the sale) ...wanted a cheap pale yellow!

I was going to create some more yellow nail art with the pale yellow for this week's challenge, but then remembered I have an assessment at work with my boss tomorrow, and apparently the rule is to have nails that are "one colour". I've kind of stuck to this rule, because I've applied Aztec, which is technically one colour, from one bottle... it just shimmers beautifully from purple to green in the light! 

In these pics, I've applied three coats. It definitely needs more than one coat as it's quite shimmery. I've added a topcoat of my new Sally Hansen.
 (between the second and third coat of Aztec, I picked up the bottle to check the name, but I'd not screwed the top on as I was in the middle of coats. So I dropped the bottle to the floor and some splodged out :-( Good job it's a laminate floor! Shame I wasted some though!) 

The Aztec is gorgeous, I love the way it catches the light. These pictures don't do it justice. It applies beautifully too. The Sally Hansen topcoat is also BRILLIANT. It doesn't dry as fast/rock hard as Seche Vite, but it goes on really well and isn't as gloopy, and still dries pretty quick!
I'll let you know how it lasts!


  1. congrats Sarah!
    Your mani was beautiful and the prize is awsome :)

  2. Can I have your autograph, please?

  3. Hahaha I was offering my autograph at work but no one wanted it for some reason!! X

  4. Aztec looks beautiful! And get you, celebrity nails! <3

    1. Thanks :-D Thanks for drawing my attention to it, would never have gone in Accessorize for nail varnish otherwise! X


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