Friday, 22 February 2013

Decorated Lychee

My textured Barry M was starting to peel off after a few days wear... I was pleased with how long it lasted because I pick at anything I have on my nails so it withstood that well! I didn't mind taking it off, but it was quite stubborn to take off!

So now my nails are like this:

I used my brand new Gelly Lychee as the base colour. It's just beautiful, so shiny (I haven't got a top coat on my middle and little finger, it's just the natural shinyness of the Gelly. 

It looked stunning on it's own, but I've recently bought some nail stickers in the shape of different chains. I wouldn't usually buy something like this because I think stickers on nails can look a bit tacky, but I liked the look of these ones, and liked that they weren't the usual hearts etc. They were only £1 from Savers as well, so I thought I'd try them out. I got about 12 small rows of different kinds of chain stickers in the pack. The only problem would be if you wanted to use the same kind of chain on all your nails at once... there's only enough in each strip to get about 3 or 4 nails-worth!

So I decided to use a strip of chain sticker on one accent nail on each hand, cut down to size with nail scissors... then I also added a coat of my current favourite "treasure" glitter to my pointer fingers... and then a little gold gem on my thumbs. It was fun playing with different looks for each nail, and I think they look nice together, and not too OTT. What do you think? :-)


  1. I love all the details in this mani.

  2. Wow the chain looks so real, I would of never thought it's a sticker. Love it!


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