Monday, 11 February 2013

Ciate Caviar

My boyfriend bought me this lovely Ciate Caviar mini-bar set for Christmas. He chose it himself which I love, because he managed to choose something up-to-date in the world of nail art, and as a bonus it comes with 4 lovely Ciate shades as well as 4 bottles of caviar beads.

I've been saving it to use on a special occasion, and when better than for a trip down to London to see some friends, including Naileymabob and others! 

Here's my lovely Caviar set:

I love the polishes that come with it. The pink and orange are so summery, and the silver and gold are always good to have. I like that there's a choice of colours with the Caviar beads too, not just the one bottle.

So here is my first attempt at applying them.

I found it quite difficult to get an even covering, especially around the edges of each nail. I also found it difficult to 'compact' them down - the instructions said to tap/press gently on them to ensure they were all compressed but they just stuck to my fingers and came off when I did this! I added a top-coat to ensure they didn't come off, but I think this discoloured the beads a bit. Also, because I put on a top-coat, the whole layer of caviar/base coat started to peel off like a false nail during the day! I ended up removing them while we were sat having a coffee, which was a chore in it's self.

I don't think I will try these again any time soon, and if I do I think I'll just do an accent nail with the beads (which is what I was going to do this time but got a bit carried away!)

A plus point is that, even if you do all 10 of your nails, hardly any of the caviar beads are used up! I thought one manicure using these would use about half a bottle, but this isn't the case. Here is my bottle of beads after using them:


Keep a look out for my week 7 animal print nails, that I will post later tonight!

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