Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Week 8 - Green nails (take 2)

Here's my second manicure for green week! I bought this green glitter for 99p at the start of the year and have been desperate to try it out, but was saving it for green week! It's the same make as the glitter I used on my treasure nails.... I used it over the top of my recently acquired pale green Essie. 

I was a little disappointed with this glitter, it took lots of coats and added 'dabs' to get a lot of glitter on each nail. Because I had to use so many coats, and because it was cheap I think, it took ages to dry, even with a fast-drying topcoat. But it was only 99p so I don't mind too much! Here are the polishes I used... doesn't that green glitter look beautiful in the bottle??

Even an hour or so after applying, it was still not fully dry and kept smudging so I ended up taking this off pretty quickly too! :-( However I did treat myself to these while I was in town, so my nails are already pretty again - another post soon...

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