Monday, 4 February 2013

Week 6 - Yellow Nails

I knew that yellow nails were coming up, and wasn't really looking forward to this challenge as I don't own a nice yellow as it's not a colour I wear much! The one I do have is an ancient Barry M one that I once added a few drops of red to, so it's kind of a mustard colour. Definitely not something I wanted to cover all my nails in! I had the idea of doing animal print with the yellow and an orange, but then realised that animal print is next weeks challenge anyway, so didn't want to do the same thing two weeks in a row. 

While chatting with a friend at work about the awkwardness of yellow nail varnish, she started thinking up things that are yellow, and came up with this: fried egg nails!

This was so quick and easy to do. The base is two coats of Sally Hansen's Dorien Grey, the white is by 17 and the yellow is my Barry M mixture I mentioned. I got out a nail art brush to use but just ended up using the brush in the bottle to splodge on the white, then the yellow. It took me hardly any time at all.

I want to try this again when I have more time, but make daisies instead of eggs - definitely prettier! And I did end up taking this off more or less straight away as I didn't want to get mocked at work for having EggNails!


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