Monday, 11 February 2013

Week 7 - Animal Print

Week 7's challenge was one I was looking forward to - animal print! I've only tried doing leopard print nails a few times but they've always seemed to work out well - probably because you don't need to be completely neat and exact. I was really looking forward to trying out some new colour combinations, and I really wanted to try something pink!

I used my unnamed Glam pale pink (my favourite at the moment!), Ledbury Road bright pink by nails inc, and a black nail art pen for the details...and seche vite to finish it off (which slightly smudged the black because I didn't wait!)

Hopefully going to try some more colour combinations on the same theme during the week, as I love leopard print!


  1. Wow you're so good at leopard print, love the cute pink!


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