Monday, 25 February 2013

Week 9 - Delicate Print

For week 9 of our challenge, I had to create delicate print nails. I wasn't looking forward to this challenge! I've seen loads of fab delicate print nails around the nail-art-blog world, but most have either been done using stamping, or done with a lot of artistic skill - both of these things I do not have! I can't draw on paper, so I really can't on my nails!

I finally decided that I'd make some small dotted flowers on my nails using a dotting tool. "delicate print" to me suggests pale colours, so I selected Sally Hansen's Dorien Grey (loooove) as the base colour, and my favourite unbranded pale pink and 17s white, which is called mini skirt for the flowers. However I was really unhappy with the result! The flowers looked mushed together and uneven, owing to not being able to get an even amount of polish on each dot, and uneven spacing between the dots. ARGH! Anyway, here is a photo of my attempt, with some random dotting on my thumb...

I decided that I quite liked the dotting I had done on my thumb, so took off the horrible blotchy flowers and just dotted. They're still not evenly spaced and evenly sized, which is REALLY annoying to me! Here is another picture of the finished product, and also of Dorien Grey on it's own because it's beautiful!

Got some ideas of other things I want to try this week, including something with my crackle topcoat and something with my new Nails Inc Feathers set that my boyfriend got me :-D Hopefully I will create something I actually like soon!


  1. I love Dorien Grey! No where sells it here. I can kind of see what you tried to do with your flowers but I love your polka dots! :)

  2. If I really want to make sure the dots are even size I press the dotting tool on paper first, after dipping it in polish (: I don't think your flowers look that bad!! And it's so nice to use two colours in a polkadot print! :D

  3. So I saw this lovely grey in Poundland few weeks ago and didn't get it, totally regretting it :( It looks perfect with white and pink dots! The feathers set sounds interesting, can't wait to see it.


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