Friday, 15 February 2013

Playing with animal print

As it's still animal print week of our challenge, yesterday I came up with these! I work at a train station and my job this week is sitting upstairs in an office keeping track of where all the trains are and announcing them when they get into the station. I do a lot of talking, however my hands are free to doodle, so I decided to take in my gold and black nail-art pens and have a sneaky play. 

I'd decided just to do black/gold leopard print, but after trying it with black blobs and gold outline, and the other way round, and wasn't impressed. After a quick google, I decided I would try zebra print. I'd failed at this in the past so wasn't really hoping  for much. But because I had so much time to focus on it, I am really pleased with the outcome! I googled for a zebra print, and tried to follow bits of the pattern on each nail. 

This probably took me about 4 hours in total as well as announcing trains! But it was good because I had time to let each dry before I did the next one. I'm especially pleased with how the nails on my left hand (I'm left handed so did them with my non-dominant hand!) turned out. I thought I wouldn't be able to do it at all, especially using the pens which you have to continually gently squeeze to get them to work. But it did! 

Today I might take off the nails I've done leopard print and replace them with zebra so I have a full set... what do you think? 

Can't wait til next week (green week) ...I've got a few things I want to do! 


  1. I Love the zebra! I've only tried it once, & couldn't get it to look zebraenough, it just looked liked random lines. You did gooooood!

  2. Your zebra pattern turned out perfect!


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