Friday, 1 March 2013

Bling It On - Feathers

Hello! Today I've got some super sparkly nails to show you. Last month, I got a lovely Nails Inc - Bling It On - Feathers set from my lovely boyfriend. He went online and selected it himself like he did with my caviar set - good taste! And I would never spend that much on nail varnish for myself so it's good I have someone to buy me the occasional expensive thing!! I decided to have a go at applying these today. Here is a picture of the set...

In the set, you get two pots of "feathers", which are tiny strands of holographic glitter in two similar shades. You also get two nail varnishes, a pale brown/nude colour and a clear top-coat. There's a little tray for application and a brush. The idea is that you coat your nails with the nude, and while the polish is still wet, you dip your finger into the little tray which you fill with a little pile of the glitter. 

 You hardly need any glitter. Even with all my nails covered, the bottle still looks unused. It's simple enough to get the glitter to stick, and you gently pat it down to ensure it's secure, like with caviar beads. One problem was that it goes ALL OVER! I sat on the floor to apply this, and put a sheet of newspaper down, and I'm so glad I did! Here is the mess:

I repeated this step with each nail. I used the darker glitter on the majority of my nails, and the lighter, silvery glitter on my ring fingers of each hand for a bit of variation. I used the topcoat provided to go over each nail, which was tricky as it kept picking up/moving the glitter. I then added an additional topcoat of Sally Hansen's Insta-Dry to ensure it was all sealed in. The instructions say that the topcoat is optional as it makes the nails look less textured, but I think it's kind of essential to avoid shedding a trail of glitter wherever you go! 

This look is fab for the volume of glitter you can get on each nail, and how they're sooo sparkly cos the glitter catches the light in so many ways. I think, like with the caviar, if I was to use this again I might just use it on a few accent nails rather than all of them. Also like with the caviar, it's difficult to get an even/straight edge around your nails- it's not completely neat and even and I think this would be very difficult to achieve. This look creates a lot of mess and takes a while to apply... but worth it for the shinyness!

And lastly an update on my previous post with my speckled blue nails... I was right, it was VERY stubborn to remove. I'm in the process of moving house so couldn't even try the foil method to remove it cos I don't know where the foil is!


  1. Love these! They look really prettyyyy. So different. Have to admit I didn't notice the two different colours but I still love them! x

    1. Thankyou! & Yeah the two colours are VERY similar, the biggest difference is the way they catch the light.
      An hour into having them like this and I keep getting fluff caught in them :(


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