Thursday, 28 March 2013

Shimmery & Studs!

I quickly did these nails as my Easter bunnies were chipping off at an alarming rate - very sad! 

I've recently bought this bottle of Sally Hansen - it's called Ruby Rush and it's a lovely, shimmery pinky-purple. I picked it up for £1.50 in Zest in York. I wouldn't have chosen it to be honest, but I'd seen a swatch of this shade on another blog and it really stood out - so shiny! And I love dark pink (although actually this is definitely more purple). I'm also not keen at the moment on shimmery polishes - I like a block colour. But I picked this up and was eager to see how it applied.

Firstly with a dark polish it's sooo obvious if you make a mess! I've not had time to fully clean these up yet which is why you might see a bit of overlap on some of my nails/cuticles. 

I added some studs from my stud-wheel from Born Pretty and sealed them in with a layer of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri (which sadly I think is going a bit gloopy/discoloured due to my constant use of it!). Here's some pics of my mani, both hands, with and without flash!

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  1. that is a really pretty polish!

  2. Lovely colour I like the gold studs against that colour nail polish as well, I really need to get some of those soon!

  3. Lovely color and good price :))


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