Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Multi-colour Crackle

Quickly typing this up as I don't have any proper internet access until Monday - sad times! But wanted to keep my blog updated, so here's some photos of my most recent nail art... although sadly, bits keep getting chipped off what with moving furniture and cleaning. :-(
I'd recently tried out crackle varnish over a block colour, and thought how fab it could look over multi-coloured nails. I picked two of my old favourites for the base, which were Coral Pop (the pink) and Wave, both by 17, and both hi-shine. They're kind of like the Barry M gelly range, fab colours and consistancy. I painted my nails with the pink, and once this was dry I added blotches of green.
Last time I played with crackle, I didn't wait long enough for the base coat to dry. I think I waited about 10/15 mins, and it felt dry to the touch but when I painted on the crackle, it smeared the polish underneath leaving it bare and patchy. This time I left the base coat (the pink) on overnight, before adding the green blotches the next day. I let these dry for about an hour. The green still smudged a bit but the pink looked pretty good.
Here's the result... (sorry about pic quality, phone pics)

and some pics showing what my nails were like underneath before the crackle top coat - messy but it doesn't matter! (this was when I had to re-do three after they got all chipped, so colour combo reversed!)

Lastly, here's another pic I never got round to posting of blue glittery nails I did for this week's challenge theme. It was a look I'd used on one nail of my previous blue effort, and I thought it looked nice so did all my nails the same for a simple but sparkly look.

 Lastly again - my nails are in Look magazine again! YAY! I'll do a special post later with a pic of it. :-D


  1. This looks fab and has inspired me to try crackle over gradient... hmmm!

  2. I've never thought about putting two different colours under a crackle nail polish before, cool idea - looks great!

  3. I dont usually like the crackle look but these are fab!


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