Monday, 25 March 2013

Week 13 - Spring Nails

Well - this week we were challenged to create Spring nails, despite all the snow outside! I'd seen some bunny and kitty nails online that I'd wanted to try for a bit, and decided the bunnies would be ideal for the Spring theme. These haven't gone quite as I wanted, due to me being rubbish at using nail art brushes. Meh! But I think they're still quite cute, in a misshapen kind of way! Sorry about the black smudge in the top pic, I was trying to get my nail art pen to work, didn't want it making a big splodge on my nails so for some reason tried it out on my palm instead!

I picked 5 pretty pastel colours to use. Here they are:

To Buy or Not to Buy by Essie (purple)
Miss Sunshine by Accessorize (yellow)
Spearmint by w7 (green)
Un-named pink by Glam
Heart Beat by Seventeen (blue)

I then used my white polish, which is also by Seventeen, to paint some rabbit-faces on the tips of each nails. I just free-handed this with the brush, and thought it looked quite cool just like this:

I then totally failed with the ears. I tried using a really small nail-art brush but I just can't draw neatly with them! So I gave up and just continued with the brush (that's already in the bottle!). I wanted the ears to be cute and tapered towards the end, but I basically only managed to do two uneven lines/blobs on each nail. Oh well.

I then added the eyes and nose with my black nail-art pen which I find less faffy than using a dotting tool. I'm going to topcoat, but I left it about half an hour then started, and the black was still smudging, so I better leave it a bit longer!

Bunnies! <3


  1. You lied! These didn't go wrong! They're amazing!

  2. Aww this is soo cute!! love the colours & the design :D x


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