Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Greeny, Gradienty & Glittery

Today I'm showing you my previous attempt at glitter nails, that I couldn't post as I had no internet! The inspiration for these was the glitter it's self - It's one of the only polishes I've had for a while and not used, so I really wanted to use it for glitter week. This glitter is from Claire's Accessories, who do some fab, unique combinations. This one has hex glitter in pale pink, pale green and gold, as well as tiny silver glitter. Here it is:

Gorgeous! In the bottle it reminded me of a kind of camouflage print, so I decided to team it with green. None of my greens seemed right, so after browsing a cheap cosmetics store in York called Zest, I picked up a pale green w7 polish called Spearmint. (Actually, this is a lie, I probably had several polishes that would have been fine to use for this look, but I'm addicted to buying new stuff! Already bought 3 new polishes this week arghhhh).... I picked this colour cos it looked quite muted in the bottle which is what I was after, however on my nails it was quite bright and vibrant!

I started with a base coat of Sally Hansen's Bamboo strengthener. Not sure if it's actually working cos my nails are so rubbish quality they seem beyond help, but I'm gonna keep trying. I used 3 coats of the green, and then created a gradient with layers of the glitter. It was quite hard to get a lot of the glitter where I wanted it, which ended up with me using a lot of layers and then it taking aaages to dry. You can also see by the pics that I changed my mind from my pointing finger and middle finger - these have glitter all the way down to the bottom of the nail, whereas on my ring and little finger I've only gone over the tip of the nail. Can't decide which looks best but wish I'd have stuck to one or the other, haha. Here are the polishes I used, including my Sally Hansen top coat. I also apologise for the dryness/grossness of my hands, but it's very cold outside at the mo and I work outside - my poor hands! I'm trying with the handcream but I always forget. Anyway - pics!


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