Monday, 25 March 2013

Ask a British Nail Blogger - Most Wanted Polish

I'm not really a massive fan of expensive brands of polish. I like any brand, as long as the colour is nice and the finish is good, and you can often get this from cheaper brands, such as Seventeen, Barry M & w7. So there's not a particular brand I would go for if I had unlimited money, I'd just go for fab colours!

However last week I saw the most gorgeous polish on one of the blogs I follow - Naily Perfect. Here is her swatch:

Look how shiny! I adore pink, and glitter, and Sally Hansen! I've never seen a polish quite like this before. Due to it being £7 on the Superdrug website I've sent a link to my boyfriend ....Easter Present?!

So this is definitely my most wanted polish - not that I've been lusting after it for years, neither is it out of my reach, but yeah - this is definitely the one I want at the moment. I don't usually spend more than £3 or £4 on one bottle so this one would be a nice treat.

Also I'd buy the full Sally Hansen Complete Manicure range if I could! However I do not need that many polishes..... but it'd be awesome to just have shelves upon shelves of polishes. Here's me (the short one) wistfully staring into the window of a shop in London:



  1. Hahaha I want to live there please!

  2. O.M.G to that shop! What's it called? I NEED to go there!!

  3. Haha! The shop was like a shop/salon, not sure of the street name but it was in a little square off Carnaby Street. It was expensive though, selling w7 for £11 whaaaat!


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