Sunday, 3 March 2013

Week 10 - Blue Nails

Hello! Firstly an update on my previous sparkly nails. The house is covered in glitter from when I applied them! But once they were on and sealed with topcoat, they actually stayed on pretty well, and looked SO glittery! They catch the light so well. I ended up peeling them off yesterday - my own fault cos I can't stop picking at nails, especially if they are textured. My nails are so thin and flimsy underneath though :-( Bad times.

As I've mentioned, I'm in the middle of moving house. On Tuesday, a van is coming to take all our big belongings (sofa, bed etc) to the new house. Meanwhile, we've been using the car to take boxes of our smaller belongings....books, DVDs, clothes, NAIL VARNISH etc. So my nail varnish was all boxed up at the new house, but we are still living at the old house! My parents came to see the new house today, and while we were there I took the opportunity to raid my nail varnish boxes and find my rhinestone wheel, and grab all of my blue polishes, for blue nails week! I think my dad said something like " it's okay, I'll sort your house while you sort your nails!" I was like....cheers!! Hehe.

So I returned home with this little stash, and still no ideas:

 From left to right, the polishes are:
* Blue Dazzle (I think) by w7
* Motcomb St by Nails Inc
* Heartbeat by 17
* Seabreeze by 17
* Damselfly by Accessorize

I knew I would be able to do something as the theme was so broad. I've had a wheel of different coloured/shaped rhinestones that I bought from Poundland for a few months now. I knew this had a few blue ones in, and wanted to try and use these in my design if I could, because I'd not had chance to play with them yet! I decided I'd paint my nails various blues, and then section off triangles with tape and paint these a different colour. I'd then put a blue rhinestone at the point of each triangle. Here's a close-up of the two different shapes/colours of rhinestone I had to choose between. Not my favourites of the wheel, my favourite you can see a sneak peek of in the second photo - the emerald green square gem. I also like the magenta tear-drops. Going to be using those soon I hope!

I still wasn't very inspired, but went ahead anyway. I ended up doing both my hands completely different to each other! Here's a photo of my nails with just the base colours, and then pictures of how I added to them. I think I like it better with no additions, but I wanted to try something arty!

In the next pic, which is of my right hand, I really don't like how the triangle/gems ended up looking. They're too messy, and look too random- I tried too many things on one hand!

I prefer my left hand where I've done a kind of blue french manicure with the addition of a glitter accent nail like I've included on my right hand. I might change my right hand so it matches, but then again I probably won't because that's way too much effort! My left hand:

Sad about my middle fingernail that I accidently bent/bit off yesterday. Bad bad me. I usually bite my nails and it's a real struggle every day to stop biting or picking at my actual nail... so I'm really proud of the ones that are long, because it's really not normal for me! Going to continue trying to keep them long, as they're then a better canvas and I can carry on experimenting with nail art.

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  1. These are great. I agree though, I prefer your left hand and the french manicure type look you've created!

    Randomnly, I also like them plain like in the first photo. It's almost an ombre manicure and looks fab!


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